The 5 Elements of Successful Weight Loss

Hello, All –

I’ve found that there are 5 elements necessary for your weight loss efforts to be successful and permanent.

If any one of these elements is missing, it can seriously jeopardize your results.  Worse, any results that you do get are more likely to disappear at some point in the future.  If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of the temporary results and are tired of regaining the weight you lose.

Proper attention to these 5 elements is going to help you break free of those old, ineffective ways.

The 5 required elements to permanent weight loss are:

Nutrition – We’re going to cut through the tons of conflicting, confusing and inaccurate information that we’ve been fed about nutrition for weight loss.  Did you know that some of the recommendations we’ve been told for the last 10 years have caused us to get fatter?  Really!

Exercise – Again, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about the right kinds of exercise we should do.  We’re going to get to the bottom of the exercise hype and do what works.  Put away the leotards and leg warmers…it ain’t aerobics!

Stress Management – This is important not only from a behavioral point of view, but because of the cortisol that stress creates.  More about this later.

Supplementation – This is one of the most controversial areas of weight loss and fitness.  We’ll go into more detail about this later, but let me tell you this.  Don’t spend any money on fat burning supplements you see on TV until I teach you a neat trick to see if they’re worth it or not.

Mental Aspects of Weight Loss – By this, I mean goal setting/achievement, motivation, behavior modification, etc.  I HAVE COME TO BELIEVE THAT THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND MOST IGNORED FACTOR IN SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS.  I have tricks and tips I’ll be teaching you that I’ve used to lose 60 pounds, get fit, and even quit a 3 pack a day smoking habit.

I’ll have a LOT to say about all these topics and more in the days ahead.

Please come back and check in often so you can get all that we have to share.


2 Responses to “The 5 Elements of Successful Weight Loss”

  1. Chaotic Fat Says:

    Hey Brian:

    I really like 5 elements of successful weightloss, it sounds sensible. I will come back often.

    Take care, CF

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, CF — do keep coming back!


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