Strength Training: Why It’s a Vital Part of Your Fat-Burning Exercise Plan


Strength training (AKA resistance training) is a vital part of any fitness program, ESPECIALLY if you want to blast the fat off of your body.

Here’s why:

Muscle is active – a pound of muscle burns about 45 calories each and every day. That means that you are burning off fat even if you are sitting still!

If you exercise aerobically, you experience an increased metabolism (meaning you’re in fat-burning mode) during the session, and for a little while after you’re done. A good session of strength training will help your body burn fat for hours after you’re finished.

Don’t think that strength training means having to lift weights, though that is one way to do it. Many people, especially when just starting out, will do body weight and self-resistance exercises. In fact, that is how I started strength training.

A good resistance workout will help you burn fat AND shape your body. Who can argue against that?


3 Responses to “Strength Training: Why It’s a Vital Part of Your Fat-Burning Exercise Plan”

  1. ladyonamission Says:

    I was so happy I got a chance to lift weights today. I think it makes a huge difference too. There is a reason why the Body for Lifer people look so good – weight training can really transform your body. I am finding that rowing is providing me cardio and building muscle but my goal is to get to 2-3 times a week of light weight training. Weight training gives me more energy too which is always a good thing.

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    Thanks for visiting Lose Weight With Me. I appreciate your vist and your comment.

    I think 2 -3 sessions of weight training per week is an excellent goal. If you’re pressed for time, consider body weight exercises. You can get an outstanding total body, muscle building workout with push ups and squats.

    Thanks again for stopping by.


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