Sometimes, Late at Night, When I’m All Alone…

…I get hungry right before bedtime.  🙂

Now, I found out a while ago that I get better weight loss results when I don’t eat at least 2 –3 hours before bedtime.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, I get hungry enough right before bed that I can’t ignore it.  I’ll bet the same thing happens to you, too.

So what should we do when it’s almost bedtime and our stomach’s growling so loud that we know it’ll interfere with our sleep?  Here are two options that I use:

  • Egg Whites – try separating 2 or 3 eggs, throw the yolks away, then micro waving the egg whites on high for 2 1/2 – 3 minutes.
  • Protein shake – with water only.  No milk, juice, yogurt, fruit, or other things that we may use in a protein shake earlier in the day.

This will be enough to kill the hunger pains, and help with your body’s recovery from any exercise that you performed that day.

Just be sure that you don’t make a habit of these late night snacks.


6 Responses to “Sometimes, Late at Night, When I’m All Alone…”

  1. totaltransformation Says:

    My best way to avoid late night snacks is to brush my teeth right after dinner. Or if I must eat I eat Jello- a food with almost no caloric content.

    J. Kaiser

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    Thanks for visiting Lose Weight With Me. I appreciate your visit and your comment.

    Very good advice, thanks for sharing. I never thought about the teeth brushing trick you suggested. That’s excellent. I’m the same way, once I brush my teeth, I’m done eating.

    Thanks again and please stop back by.


  3. waistloss Says:

    I could do the protein shake. But the egg whites would just make me mad.

  4. totaltransformation Says:

    BTW also try a fiber drink. Metamucil makes a pretty good one that doesn’t taste horrible- try the orange flavor and mix with plenty of water. It has the added benefit of flushing out the system and gives you a sense of fullness.

  5. ladyonamission Says:

    I must admit I get these late night pangs too. My trick is to just go to bed immediately. If I can’t go to sleep I just read until I fall asleep. I usually crave something salty or sweet late at night so I am not sure the egg whites or protien drink would do the trick.

  6. loseweightwithme Says:

    Perhaps a couple of pecans would help for the salty craving. And Totaltransformation’s idea for jello could help for the sweet craving.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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