Water, Water Everywhere…


You will often hear me talking about drinking lots of water, and encouraging you to do the same.

Not that it’s anything new; if you’ve attempted to lose weight before, someone has told you to drink 8 glasses a day.

But has anyone ever told you why?

First of all, water can kill hunger pangs you may be feeling. Bet you didn’t know this, but lots of time when we think we’re hungry, it’s actually our body trying to tell us to drink something.

Drinking plenty of water also helps the cells in our body stay hydrated, and flushes toxins and other waste by-products.

It even helps our hair and skin stay healthy.

Be sure to drink a lot of water every day, especially when you’re exercising.


4 Responses to “Water, Water Everywhere…”

  1. dr.coop Says:

    When you live in the desert, that water is even more important. I think I’m constantly thirsty here in AZ, but I tend to feel better, exercise better, and lose more weight when I’m hydrated. Many people don’t realize that drinking water helps you lose weight. Here’s the short explanation. The liver metabolizes fat (converts stored fat to energy) among other things, and if the kidneys are dehydrated then the liver has to pick up the slack thus lowering its fat metabolism duties. So when we are properly hydrated all the internal organs are doing their job thus helping the body to burn all that fat. It’s a glorious thing! Drink up!

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Lose Weight With me. I appreciate your visit and your comment.

    Thanks a lot for the great info about water! Please stop by and share anytime.


  3. totaltransformation Says:

    I like to mix metamucil with mine- it makes me feel even more full for a longer period of time.

  4. When Water Isn't Healthy « Lose Weight With Me Says:

    […] When Water Isn’t Healthy I drink a lot of water, and hope that you do, too.  It’s important to us for weight loss and fitness (here’s a quick post about the importance of water). […]

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