Weight Loss Supplements: 3 Signs That a Supplement May Be a Scam

As long as there are people who want to lose weight without exercising or eating healthy, there will be companies willing to make empty promises and take their money. Here are 3 warning signs that should set your alarm systems off about weight loss supplements:

  1. No Mention is Made of Lifestyle Change – If the supplement claims you will build muscle and lose fat without exercise or a healthy eating plan, put your wallet back in your pocket. It’s a load of hooey.

2. Secret Ingredients – Many, many supplements use the same ingredients, but don’t want you to know. So what they’ll do is list the ingredients on their website, but make it dang near impossible to find them. Keep looking, Sherlock…they’re on there somewhere. If not, you’ve got a bigger concern. DO NOT use a supplement that hides the ingredients so you can’t find them.

  1. Your Common Sense is Offended – if the product has a far fetched “back story” to it…like it’s used by tribesmen in South America once a year to avoid eating while on a 48 hour alligator hunt – put the bottle down and back slowly away.

Always remember that a supplement is nothing more than a tool to help you attain your weight loss and fitness goals. And yes, there are some supplements that you should be taking if you’re eating healthy and exercising (more on those later). But the majority of the supplements that get pitched to us on TV are nothing but a waste of your hard earned money.


4 Responses to “Weight Loss Supplements: 3 Signs That a Supplement May Be a Scam”

  1. totaltransformation Says:

    Good points. I would go with the general rule- almost any supplement is junk!

    Aside from Creatine (and that made by reputable labs like EAS), and Glutamine (and the usual vitamins) I haven’t found anything else worth buying.

  2. Two Witches Says:

    Those ads can be so tempting sometimes. One of the things to keep in mind also about the currently popular hype for Hoodia Gordonii — more then 3 times (or even more) as much is sold then what is actually being produced\grown from the true S. African plant. So a LOT of what is out there is fake. So even if something does work – sorta of, maybe — it can be very hard to know if you are actually getting the real thing. Lady Rose

  3. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hi, Totaltransformation, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


  4. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hi, Lady Rose!

    As far as Hoodia (which, to my understanding, DOES show promise for weight loss) is concerned, I recently read that 80% of what is being sold as Hoodia is fake.

    I am not aware of a quality source for Hoodia at this time. If I learn of one, I will be sure to share it.


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