10 Weekly Steps To Begin Losing Weight: Week 2

Last Sunday, I posted the first of 10 weekly tips that, if done, will help you begin to lose weight. If you missed it, here’s Tip 1.

This week, start using the Rule of Two Thirds. For at least 2 of your daily meals, make sure that 2/3rds of your plate is covered by vegetables and /or fruit.

Now, by vegetables, we do not mean potatoes or bread. 🙂 We mean vegetables and fruit.

Bonus tip: Corn is not a vegetable either…it is a grain. Do not count corn as a vegetable. Corn and corn-byproducts cause a lot of fat storage! I’ll post on this topic later in the week.

The whole purpose of these Sunday tips is to give you some easy to take steps that you can take without getting overwhelmed by behavior changes. But do not think that this means these tips aren’t super effective. They are. If you follow these I can guarantee the weight will begin to drop off in no time at all.

Be sure to check back next Sunday for the next tip.


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