I got tagged by Lady Rose, who was tagged by FatLadySingz. Here is the official Gotta Get Goals post that started the whole thing.

Here are my Top 10 Goals:

  1. Help 1,000,000 people lose weight and get fit.
  2. Compete in and win a Muay Thai kick boxing tournament.
  3. Write a book.
  4. Get my body fat percentage to 9%, and maintain it.
  5. Own 20 rental income properties.
  6. Make my wife and family as happy as they make me.
  7. Have a second home in Savannah, Georgia.
  8. Get certified as a Personal Trainer.
  9. Retire with a big-a$$ RV that I can travel the entire country in.
  10. Spend 3 months every year in Europe or Asia.

Goals are SOOOO important in everything we do. And I figure that if I’m going to spend my energy to make the goals come true, then I’m going to shoot for the stars. I encourage you to do the same!

OK…I’m tagging the following folks and challenging them to make a Gotta Get Goals post:

Total Transformation, Charity, Tippin, K8, Doug and Southern Fried Fatty.

There were many, many more I wanted to tag, but just ran out of time…sorry!


8 Responses to “Gotta-Get-Goals”

  1. southernfriedfatty Says:

    Thanks for tagging me. I’ve been planning on doing a “goal post” (hehe). I should have it done my the end of this weekend. My wonderful FatHubby has set me up with my own PC in my own little space in the basement. He is a computer guy and we have about four or five computers running at all times in my house but they are always tied up with his stuff. Now I’ll be able to blog at home instead of at work. I’m sure my boss will be glad.

  2. tippin Says:

    Brian, You got me thinking what do I want most, and then multiply it by ten. That’s not easy, in the back of your mind you have goals, but putting them to [electronic] paper is a whole different thing.

    Thanks for making me do this.


  3. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, guys — I can’t wait to read your goal posts!


  4. totaltransformation Says:

    I’ll be sure to do this in the next few days. Keep coming by my blog. I think I will have time to post it tomorrow. Gotta think on it some more.

  5. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, John, I’m looking forward to seeing them posted!


  6. 4th and Goal « Southern Fried Fatty Says:

    […] and Goal Jump to Comments I’ve been “tagged” by Brian at Lose Weight With Me to write a GOAL […]

  7. southernfriedfatty Says:

    OK. I posted my goals. The list is not very long. I narrowed it down to just a few things. I might make it a regular feature on my blog because there are lots of things I want to do. You only live once! Thanks for your support

  8. Gotta Get Goals Round Up | Alex Shalman . com Says:

    […] Brian – Lose weight with me […]

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