How Often Should You Train Your Abs?

Let me start by apologizing for the this post be so late today. I am leaving for New York on Sunday to begin a 12 week training program for a new job, and I’ve been busier than heck today trying to get ready. 🙂

On to the abs…

I used to train my abs every day. I had read somewhere that the abdominals had a high percentage of slow twitch muscle fibers. This meant that they were slow to tire out and quick to recover.

I have come to look at it differently.

When all is said and done our abs are muscles, and muscles need time to recover between work outs. Abs are just like any other muscle and need to rest. If you train them every day you are not giving them time to repair themselves from the workout. You build muscle tone by resting the muscle between work outs.

You should only work your abs 2 or 3 times a week.

Now, you need to exercise them intensely and continually add intensity to the workout, but you only need to do it a couple of times a week. If you’re exercising them correctly, your ab exercise session should last less than 5 minutes each time.

Tomorrow I’ll post about the different muscles involved in a good ab workout, then hopefully on Sunday I’ll post a quick, efficient and intense ab routine for you to try.


2 Responses to “How Often Should You Train Your Abs?”

  1. Cara Fletcher Says:

    I have my own workout routine which includes exercises for my abs and I’m very satisfied with it.I think everybody should find what helps him best and do it in the gym or even at house.

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hi, Cara — thanks for stopping by. You’re right — the key to success is finding what works for you!


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