A Cool Food Awareness Tool

I believe that being aware will help our weight loss efforts tremendously.

Being aware of your food by not sitting in front of the TV when you eat is one way. Being aware of physical hunger, as opposed to emotional hunger, is another. But one of the most helpful forms of awareness is being aware of the nutritional content of what you’re eating. And a reader named Marissa found a tool to help you with this awareness.

Marissa found a website selling a 50 Healthy Foods Magnet set. I went and checked it out, and it is way cool! Here’s what Marissa had to say about it:

A company I recently stumbled upon, Simple Memory Art (www.SimpleMemoryArt.com), created a 50 Healthy Foods magnet set, which I recently purchased. It’s a really cool item actually — it’s a magnet set that lists the major food groups, has them color coded in rainbow-like colors, and tells you everything about the food — vitamins, calories, grams of fat, protein, etc. It’s REALLY helpful and it makes my fridge look happier too! I emailed the company to ask where they got the idea from, and apparently, her husband was the inspiration behind the set. He was dieting and trying weight watchers, and needed a little extra reference material when trying to pick up a snack or prepare a meal. So she was inspired to create the 50 Healthy Foods magnet set with him in mind.

Anyway, I think it’s really neat, and thought I would share! I do so much of my shopping and etc online now, and I really do reference many ideas (movies, restaurants, etc) by reviews from other people, so I try to let people know if I find something that I think they also may be interested in 🙂

Have a great day!

All the best,


Take a moment to go check this out…this is perfect to put on your fridge to help you be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. And that awareness is one of the keys to helping you lose weight.

A big thanks to Marissa for taking the time to share her discover. And if any of you find something that you think will help people lose weight, get fitter, or find inspirational, let us know!


7 Responses to “A Cool Food Awareness Tool”

  1. Sofie Says:

    Thanks for the great link and great site! Congratulation on your weight loss and I wish you luck on reaching your goal.

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, Sofie, I’m glad you found it helpful! Thank you for your kind words.



  3. Neel Says:

    That is really cool…a lot of times lack of awareness spoils the diet quest. The link you provided is an excellent tool. Thanks!

  4. thedietpulpit Says:

    sounds neat. Lady Rose

  5. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, guys, glad you liked it! Thanks for stoppingby.



  6. totaltransformation Says:

    “I believe that being aware will help our weight loss efforts tremendously.”

    I would add that I don’t put anything in my mouth that I don’t have a good idea how many calories it contains.

  7. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hi, TT — as always, you make a great point!


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