So, What Do You Want?

Good morning, all —

Well, my wife is here in New York for a visit this weekend, so I don’t have a whole of time to post.  We’re pretty busy enjoying the big Apple.

So…I’m going to ask you guys for posts instead. 🙂

Specifically, what I’d like is to hear  is exactly what kind of information you would like me to post in order to help you lose weight and get fit.  More exercise related information, nutrition info, diet recipes, supplements, motivation…what ever you need to help you, please let me know.

What I will do then is to use the information you provide to plan out future posts and info.

So please either leave a comment to this post, or feel free to email me at loseweightwithbrian @ gmail dot com.  There’s a link over on the right hand side to email me.

Please, the more specific  you are about what kind of information you need, the better I will be able to use it to provide good information to you.

Thanks a bunch, guys…I appreciate it.


2 Responses to “So, What Do You Want?”

  1. southernfriedfatty Says:

    I need advice on how to get FatHubby to exercise at east once a week.

    Hope you and your wife are having fun!

  2. Yulie Says:

    I saw your blog on dietblog and decided to give it a read since I liked your comments. I like that you post recipes from real ingredients. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to find ones that don’t start with “Take a pre-made… or a can of…” I would definitely like to see more. Thanks.

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