6 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Journey to Fit and Thin by Walking

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “I want to start exercising. What’s the best exercise for me to do when I’m so out of shape?”

Without fail, my answer is, “Walking”.

It’s how I started exercising. I was so heavy and so out of shape that when I first started that I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes. I bet a lot of you are in the same boat.

And you know what? That’s OK. All that matters is that you start MOVING, even if it’s for ten minutes or less.

By all means, I believe walking is the best exercise for you if you are just starting out. Here are 6 reasons why you should start walking tomorrow, IN ADDITION to the fact that it will help you start losing weight:

  1. De-stresses you after a busy day – You’ve been cooped up working or running your butt off all day. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  2. Helps more oxygen to the brain – Walking increases your circulation and helps get more oxygen to your brain. This helps all of your thinking processes.
  3. Decreases risk of dementia – There’s evidence that the age groups more prone to dementia and help keep it at bay by walking.
  4. Helps fight osteoporosis – The act of putting your weight on your knees and other joints help makes them stronger. This in turn helps you fight off osteoporosis.
  5. Requires no special equipment or skills — And you’ve already been doing since you were about 12 months old! 🙂
  6. Lets you spend more time with family and friends – Why not spend 30 minutes in the evening enjoying your kids or your spouse instead of in front of the TV?

SPECIAL, NO-COST BONUS 7TH REASON – It’ll even help you sleep better!

There’s an old saying that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. There is no place where that is as true as in weight loss. So go ahead…put on your tennis shoes and walk to the end of the block and back. It’s a simple start, and the payoff is huge!


13 Responses to “6 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Journey to Fit and Thin by Walking”

  1. S William Shaw Says:

    #7 It is low-impact, which is good for overweight people (like me!) with joint stress

  2. S William Shaw Says:

    #8 ZYou can walk longer…it provides a prolonged exercise opportunity

  3. loseweightwithme Says:

    Great points, S William! Thanks for contributing!


  4. Bryan Says:

    #9 Walking and exercise in general has been shown to improve your sex life.

  5. tweetheart Says:

    I agree walking is a great stress reliever. I walk about a mile or so on my lunch and this allows me to complete my day at work on a happy note.

  6. loseweightwithme Says:

    BRYAN — Great point..and very important, too!

    TWEETHEART — That’s a great way to spend your lunch break. 🙂


  7. Kery Says:

    That’s what I tell people as well. 🙂 It’s the easiest, cheapest, most basic form of exercise one can get, and it’s so much better than doing strictly nothing (and when you’re truly out of shape, even ‘just’ walking indeed does wonders!).

  8. Damien Says:

    Not to mention the reduced risk of stroke, heart disease and blood pressure.

    @Bryan – good point!

  9. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, Damien — thanks for stopping by and adding a couple of more reasons why walking is so good for us!


  10. Sandy Says:

    The problem is, many people do not think this is an “exercise”. I have been told time and again (even a few times from my DH) that walking really doesn’t do that much for you. Even after I lost 20lbs in the past from walking.

    And the crazy thing is, it is the most simple thing to do. This is what I did: It is as simple as parking your car at the end of the lot at Walmart instead of cruising for that close spot (yes, even in inclement weather), taking your shopping cart to the return in the parking lot instead of leaving it sitting there next to your car. Does’t sound like much does it? Yet, just by doing that (and stopping eating when I no longer felt hungry) I had lost 20lbs.

    It is a huge quick weighloss? No. It did take me a few months (3 or 4 maybe?). But it is quicker than sitting around on your butt moaning about how you can’t lose weight.

  11. loseweightwithme Says:

    Sandy — You’re right, people don’t think of it as exercise. It’s great in and of itself, or you can use it as a way to begin exercising, then move up to something more intense.


  12. Kevin Says:

    I’m basically a “Physical Fatness” type. In other words, I work hard on the exercise, but as far as nutrition is concerned, Not so Good! I have my more intense workout sessions (Circuit Training, Elliptical, etc) but my favorite thing is to do an hour plus of walking. It doesn’t help much for weight loss, but it is very good in helping me keep weight off! Where walking excels is that it has a whole lot of holistic benefits. My BP, cholesterol, and stress levels drop like I took a magic pill! I think it because hard exercise excites certain stress hormones that walking doesn’t. In fact, walking seems to exactly the opposite and might be better for our overall heath!!

  13. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hi, Kevin — thanks for stopping by and getting involved in the discussion. My blood pressure dropped like a rock when I started walking. An you’re right…it is like magic.


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