10 Day Countdown to Fitness: Day 6

Welcome to  Day 6 of our 10 Day Countdown to fitness!

I’m assuming that you have done the previous assignments from the first 5 days of the Countdown. If not, PLEASE go back and do them. They’re essential parts of this whole process. If you are serious about using the 10 days to jump start exercising for weight loss, you will not get the long term results you want and deserve without doing the previous assignments. If you skipped over them, or if this is the first post you’re reading in this 10 day series, you can find Day 1 here.

Today, I want you to head to your nearest sporting goods store or  major chain mart and buy yourself a pedometer.  A pedometer is a cool little measuring device that’s used to record the number of steps taken while your walking.  They’re inexpensive; you should be able to pick one up just a couple of bucks.

Once you pick it up, start wearing it and using it to measure the number of steps you are taking every day.  It’s actually kind of exciting to track your steps, and then finding yourself taking extra little walks just to increase the number of steps!

Set a goal of 10,000 steps a day.  You’ll probably have to work up to that many steps over time, but there’s plenty of places that will help you figure out how to do it.  And it will pay off for you in pounds lost!

But for now, just start paying attention to how many steps you’re taking, and take a few extra steps when you think of it.

See you tomorrow for Day 7 of the Countdown.


3 Responses to “10 Day Countdown to Fitness: Day 6”

  1. karen123 Says:

    When I first started to address my poor fitness level back in January this year, I bought a pedometer and am ashamed to say that the average number of steps I did each day was 1800! I had no idea that I was that inactive!

  2. karen123 Says:

    Ooops… I’ve just started my own blog, but haven’t written anything yet. Anyway, it’s changed my name on the comments here… I’m kaz.

  3. loseweightwithme Says:

    Hey, Karen — I believe that 1800 steps is probably average. What’s important is taking that starting point, no matter what it is, and building on it.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!



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