10 Day Countdown to Fitness: Day 7

Welcome to Day 7of our 10 Day Countdown to fitness!

I’m assuming that you have done the previous assignments from the first 6days of the Countdown. If not, PLEASE go back and do them. They’re essential parts of this whole process. If you are serious about using the 10 days to jump start exercising for weight loss, you will not get the long term results you want and deserve without doing the previous assignments. If you skipped over them, or if this is the first post you’re reading in this 10 day series, you can find Day 1 here.

The assignment for Day 7 of the Countdown is pretty easy. I want you to start developing the habit of using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator whenever you have the chance. This is another great way to get in a little extra movement without actually having to work out.

And yes, chances are this won’t add a whole lot of fat burning to your day.  But remember, this whole 10 Day Countdown has a cumulative effect on you.  You have been gradually adding little things to your day that, when added up, will have the fat dripping off of you while increasing your overall fitness level.

See you tomorrow for Day 8.


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