And Speaking of Burning Calories…

Yesterday, I posted about 8 different ways to burn 100 calories. Today, I want to show you a nifty little tool that will help you determine how many calories different activities help you burn off.

The West Virginia Dietetic Association web site has some awesome calculators that will measure how many calories are used in various activities. You can see the calculators here.

Now, the link I just gave goes to the calculator that figures out the calories burned in gym activities. But if you look at the bottom of the page, you ‘ll see links to other calculators. You can determine calories burned by participating in sports, in activities at home, or even at work. You can figure out how many calories you need a day to maintain your body weight (HINT: use this to figure out your calorie needs, then deduct 500 from it to give you a good ballpark figure of how many calories to eat when you want to lose weight), or estimate your Body Mass Index.

There is a lot of information you can learn from these calculators, and I recommend adding the site to your favorites. I certainly did.

By the way, if you know of a good web site or tool pertaining to weight loss, exercising, diets, recipes, nutrition, motivation, etc, be sure to let us know about it!


7 Responses to “And Speaking of Burning Calories…”

  1. Eve Says:

    Thanks for the link! Will definately add that to my favourites.

    Thanks Eve

  2. loseweightwithme Says:

    You’re welcome, Eve. I thought it was pretty handy!



  3. Watching your Weight » Losing Weight - Open Question: Is there a tried and true way to increase your metabolism? Says:

    […] And Speaking of Burning Calories? And Speaking of Burning Calories? June 22nd, 2007 by loseweightwithme Yesterday, … , mental aspects of losing weight, fatblogging, how to lose weight, nutrition advice, nutrition for weight […]

  4. Krissy Says:

    I came across a similar calculator today on someone else’s blog. Thank you for posting another resource for me to poke around on. I read your previous entry on 8 ways to burn 100 calories, they were fairly interesting as well. Now, if I can only find an old-school lawn mower I’d be set!

  5. S William Shaw Says:

    My favorite way of burning 100 calories used to be eating at a buffet. Munch, munch…

  6. Biblical Food Diet Says:

    I still say a lifestyle change that includes exercise, fresh fruits, and a limited amount of process or fast food will do the trick.

    About ten years ago I worked with a guy that lost 35lbs. He told me all he did was increase his activity level, quit eating between meals and only eat when hungry.

    He ate as much as he wanted of any kind of food and lost 35lbs in about 2 months.

  7. loseweightwithme Says:

    Krissy — I bought one last summer, and it’s a LOT harder than a regular lawn mower! 🙂

    S William — 🙂

    BFD — I agree, those steps WILL do the trick. But the more we learn to enjoy moving, the better health we enjoy.


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