Homeward Bound: Farewell to New York

I’m going home today.

I’ve been in New York since April 16 training for a new job.  I went home a couple of times during that time frame, but haven’t been home since Memorial Day weekend.

Naturally, I am bouncing off the walls with excitement about being with my family and sleeping in my own bed again.  But truth be told,  I’m also experiencing a sense of loss as well; I have come to truly love New York in all of her incredible glory.  New York is, without a doubt, the greatest place I have ever been to.  I will miss the hustle and bustle of Mid-town Manhattan, the electric beauty of Times Square, the serenity of Central Park, the bargains in Chinatown, shopping in the Village, the warmth of the Upper West Side, the current renaissance in Harlem;  the list goes on and on.

When I flew into New York on April 15th/April 16th, I flew  in to a Nor’easter storm, the worst one in 25 years.  Fittingly enough, as I leave today it’s raining again.  🙂

My postings will be hit and miss over the next couple of days.  I will be traveling, then overseeing the opening of a new office.  Please be patient with me until things get settled down a little.  I will be continuing posting info related to weight loss, along with a surprise or two.

See you in a couple of days.



3 Responses to “Homeward Bound: Farewell to New York”

  1. hungryjoe Says:


    I am looking for a “diet / weight-loss” coach. This is a simple job. It merely requires somebody to stop by my Blog and comment. I could use some encouragement from time to time. Please let me know if you are interested.


  2. Lew Weinstein Says:

    I share your love of New York and Central Park. My wife and I lived there for 15 years.

    May I suggest that you take a piece of Central Park home with you.

    Many of the scenes in my new legal thriller, “A Good Conviction,” are set in Manhattan. There are scenes in Central Park which feature runners (a runner finds the body) and the NYC marathon, which my wife ran 7 times.

    Many New Yorkers and former New Yorkers have commented on how my book lets them re-live some of their own pleasant memories.

    I invite you to consider my book at amazon …


    or at my blog …



  3. Kat @ TheWeighWeWere Says:

    Safe travels. Looking forward to reading your posts once you get settled.

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